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War and Peace reviews are coming in....

Excerpts from opera reviews mentioning the designs for War and Peace...

Chloe Lamford’s sliding-panel set is transformed from Soviet lecture-hall to Tsarist ballroom and then to a battlefield overrun by charging soldiers and pitchfork-wielding lasses.

THE TIMES, Richard Morrison, 25/01/10


The students could not have had a better-looking space in which to act out the dramas of love and war. Chloe Lamford's handsome split-level edifice slowly peeled away with the ravages of war, graced by a simple blue drape at the French redoubt, shattered timbers for a ransacked Moscow and a decaying brick wall for the endgame., David Nice, 23/01/10


brilliantly lit, with simple but imposing sets (the conflagration in Moscow was unforgettable)


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