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Ghost Story by Mark Ravenhill

Sky Arts' Season of live drama is into rehearsal now, and I am currently working on the second play, Ghost Story by Mark Ravenhill. Ghost Story is performed by Juliet Stevenson, Lesley Manville and Lyndsey Marshall and will play at Riverside Studios for four performances before the live transmission on Sky Arts on Wednesday 16th June 2010.  Mark Ravenhill directs.

Some info about Ghost Story

Lisa has breast cancer. Looking for help, she comes to Meryl, a healer who believes in the power of positive thought. As time folds back on itself, Lisa and Meryl cross the line between the healer and the healed and discover that the world is full of ghosts.

A satire of the positive-thinking movement and a moving story of a woman's battle with illness, set in a world where time is fluid and we can talk to the dead.

Click HERE for tickets, Ghost Story is playing at the Riverside Studios 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th June

Click HERE for more info on the Sky Arts Playhouse: Live season

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