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The Kreutzer Sonata in New York

The Kreutzer Sonata, adapted by Nancy Harris, which was revived at the Gate theatre, this year has opened at LaMama theatre in New York and is now sold out for the run

Some excerpts from Reviews here, 

Pozdynyshev (Mr. McRae), our traveling companion in the shabby compartment designed by Chloe Lamford, tells us early on, with a sour smile, that he hears music all the time. And so will we — in seemingly random fragments at first, which coalesce into something transcendent...

....Ms. Abrahami and company ensure that it works smashingly as narrative theater. Every element here has been carefully orchestrated for maximal effect.

This includes the use of the theater’s confined space, enhanced by Mark Howland’s border-blurring lighting, to create the claustrophobic sense of being trapped in a railroad car with a garrulous man. The impression of his reality hijacking ours, as he continues to speak, is slyly underscored, visually and aurally.


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