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Teh Internet Is Serious Business
  Open Court Festival WEEKLY REP  / Various writers / Royal Court / June-July 2013  Direction:  Vicky Featherstone, John Tiffany, Carrie Cracknell, Caroline Steinbeis   Lighting:   Lizzie Powell + Becky Stoddart      One set designed for six plays over six weeks. The design consisted of a large wooden panelled box - all six of its sides could be a floor, a wall or a ceiling.  Every play comes out of the box, with its own aesthetic - with the box opening live for every play, the ceiling flown, the walls opening, revealing everything needed for the play inside.  The plays were:    The President Has Come To See You  by Lasha Bugadze   Death Tax  by Lucas Hnath   Pigeons  by Suhayla El-Bushra   Mint  by Clare Lizzimore   Untitled Matriarch Play  by Nicole Meredith   Talk Show  by Alistair MacDowell
Knives In Hens
My Shrinking Life
Photgraph by Sheila Burnett
  The World of Extreme Happiness   / By Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig / National Theatre Shed / September 2013   Direction: Michael Longhurst  Lighting:  Philip Gladwell  Sound:   Ben and Max Ringham     PRESS  Chloe Lamford's design offers up neon rainbows and pink dolls who judder like puppets on a string.  ★★★★THE GUARDIAN     The grime-meets-neon design is spot-on  ★★★★THE SUNDAY TIMES     the design from Chloe Lamford is excellent  ★★★★THE INDEPENDENT  ★★★★THE TIMES   the rough and ready Shed aesthetic suits this project splendidly and Chloe Lamford’s simple but effective design of illuminated boxes of “Made in China” dolls begins to look more and more sinister.   ★★★★THE EVENING STANDARD  Chloe Lamford’s design sees tarpaulin-covered shacks collide with gaudy neon rainbows, glowing with the tawdry false promise of an elusive pot of gold.   ★★★★METRO
Photo: Stephen Cummiskey
  Circle Mirror Transformation  / By Annie Baker / Royal Court / July 2013  Direction: James Macdonald  Lighting:  Peter Mumford  Sound:    Carolyn Downing  PRESS  We may not be American. We may never have ended up on the wooden-floor of a hall in some out-of-the-way place like this, reaching after some ill-defined moment of personal transformation, but one way or another, yes, we’ve all been here.     ★★★★ THE TELEGRAPH   a disarming surprise    ★★★★ THE INDEPENDENT   James Macdonald’s pleasing production   ★★★★ THE EVENING STANDARD   The silences are heartbreaking. The waiting is agonising. The blackouts are hysterical. How often can you say that? ★★★★★ EXEUNT   
  The History Boys  / By Alan Bennett /Sheffield Crucible Theatre / May 2013  Direction:  Michael Longhurst   Lighting:   Neil Austin   Sound:    Max and Ben Ringham  Choreography: Imogen Knight  PRESS  ... when the boys perform choreographed scene changes to loud Eighties pop pastiches on a thrust stage marked out by sports-court white lines, Chloe Lamford’s sprawling design comes into its own.  ★★★★ THE TIMES  he fading lines of a badminton court on the polished hardwood parquet immediately evoked the dreary, empty routines of grammar school life.  ★★★★ THE INDEPENDENT  ★★★★ THE GUARDIAN
  Disco Pigs  / By Enda Walsh / Young Vic / September 2011  Direction:  Cathal Cleary   Lighting:   Anna Watson   Sound:     Tom Gibbon     PRESS  Chloe Lamford's ragtag set is a triumph, a 1990s hotchpotch of detritus, old sheets and net curtains that is an exciting backdrop to Cleary's creative directorial decisions.  ★★★★ THE INDEPENDENT  Chloe Lamford’s design creates a chaotic fantasy world, in which the two seem half trapped in childhood, eating plastic play food and fighting shop dummies.  ★★★★ THE FINANCIAL TIMES  Quite rightly, Cleary treats it as the period piece it is, but he and designer Chloe Lamford also look forward to later Walsh plays with a set suggesting a stage within a stage on which Runt and Pig are condemned, like two ham actors, to act out the same script.  ★★★★ THE GUARDIAN  Cleary marshalls their passions well, and with the sound designer Tom Gibbons and the lighting designer Anna Watson makes something evocative of Chloe Lamford’s beautifully cluttered set.  THE TIMES
Tricia Kelly as Old Woman (left) and Ony Uhiara as Lizaveta  in CANNIBALS by Rory Mullarkey (Royal Exchange Theatre until 27 April). Photo - Jonathan Keenan...jpg
  On The Record  / By Christine Bacon and Noah Birksted-Breen / Arcola theatre / July 2011  Direction:  Michael Longhurst   Lighting:   Anna Watson   Video:      Ian William Galloway   Sound:     David McSeveney    
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