The Site

The Site

An installation created as a performace space, with curated perfomances by writers working under particular artistic criteria.

Chloe created a space where language, form, the body and instructions are the materials and where both artists and audiences were invited to rethink how we create, present, and watch plays.

This series of works was an experiment, exploring performance through language, physicality and the power of the imagination, created by five playwrights in response to Chloe Lamford’s provocation.

There were rules for the space, created in order for the writer to boldly consider form in the work.

1. This is a collaboration with the space and with Chloe.
2. This is not a blank space.
3. The Audience exists.
4. There is no rule for time.
5. Pretending is pretending and not compulsory.
6. The writers do not all have to agree on a process.
7. This is an experiment, and a conversation, not an end product
8. Context is relevant.
9. There is a lightbox and we can see the sound source if one is needed.

10. There is a shelf

The Site was made for the Royal Court Theatre, in 2017.

The plays created in the space were, Lights Out by Stacey Gregg, Its All Made Up by Deborah Pearson, Fake News by Nathaniel Martello White, The Space Between by Theresa Ikoko and The Unknown by EV Crowe.