casanova and the boudoir nuns

Today, I am designing costumes for the Grand Canal sequence of a musical called Nine. This is a musical based on Fellini's film, 8 1/2 - fantastically surreal. There is a 12 and a half minute sequence based on another film of Fellini's - Casanova - which I am researching currently. The joy of designing this musical is that I can really go to town on the costumes...
I am looking at these fab images as inspiration. The fashion photographer Tim Walker has been a big inspiration for this project in terms of how he brings surreal elements together.
The giant binbag dress relates to a sequence from Fellini's Casanova that has a sea apparently made from hundreds of binbags.
I am trying to create a disjointed, colourful version of Venice that bursts out from a giant piece of film suspended in mid air.... Here goes, I will post costume ideas up once we are up and running...

Images created by Tim Walker, fashion photographer
Tim Walker's book on Amazon
Fellini on IMDB