The Mother Ship - amphicar artwork

A project that I am designing at the moment, The Mother Ship by Douglas Maxwell at the Birmingham Rep Theatre is really fun to design. The play is set around a wild and epic adventure involving an amphibious car - an amphicar - these little cars are amazing, part 60's convertible, part boat. Well actually, both car and convertible. I have had to find a way of staging scenes that take place in a car. As it is a touring show, this means no life size replicas, and I had to find an inventive way of creating the car - I have ended up with a life size cut-out "drawing" on a frame that the actors can wheel around and stand behind to create the semblance of a car... here goes....

Amphicars. There are only a few left in the UK. My collage and cut-out version pales in comparison to the real thing - I have to say that I am a little obsessed with them at the moment.

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