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boring spaces, interesting...

I do have a bit of a fascination for boring spaces, railway stations, offices - recreating them onstage can be satisfying in some way... Sitting at Birmingham New Street station on the way home last night caught my eye. I have recently been inspired by the photographs of Richard Ross, and his book Architecture of Authority - I looked at his work for my designs for How To Tell The Monsters From The Misfits by Paul Lucas at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre.The play was set partially in a police station and at various crime scenes - I had to find a solution to creating a municipal, police station environment, that could also evolve into a variety of other locations. I will post some pictures of the show when I have sorted them out.

One designer/artist who eplores real, sometimes mundane spaces with great success is Anna Viebrock - her work is very inspiring to me. She recreates real spaces on stage, creating a wonderful context for theatre...

I am moving from one project to another this week, How To Tell The Monsters From The Misfits has just opened and I am firming up my designs for The Cunning Little Vixen, which will be performed at the Royal College of Music this June.